October 20th

Day 164

Going Vegan This Month! +Giveaways

For the rest of the month I'll be eating a strictly Vegan diet.

Wait... They serve Vegan food at Chipotle?

Yeah, I know. I spend so much time talking about the delicious meat and doubling up on the Barbacoa that sometimes I forget there are other options. One of the things I respect about Chipotle is the diversity of diets it can accommodate. The simple menu options allow people with various diets and belief systems to eat healthy and sustainably produced food all under one roof.

But, it's too hard to be Vegan...

Normally I would avoid even considering a vegan diet. I always worry about getting enough protein to keep up with my exercise regiment. Before I started eating at Chipotle my Vegan friends would constantly complain about the difficulty of finding Vegan friendly restaurants, especially when you have a busy lifestyle.

My friend Dan resorted to eating onion rings and a lot of junk foods that may have been friendlier to animals, but not very friendly to his own body.

So when this opportunity came along I decided that I could give the Vegan lifestyle a try. Chipotle kind of eliminated most of my excuses and I think it's important to try things before you can accurately form an opinion.

But, what if I miss the texture and juicy flavor of meat? read the rest to find out how Chipotle squashed my last attempt to weasel out of this whole Vegan thing...

October 19th

Day 163

Were Manhattanites "Born To Run?"

I'm not referring to Bruce Springsteen's 1975 breakout song, but rather a growing movement that is summed up by Christopher McDougall, in his NY Times best selling book "Born To Run"

I met up with Chris in Central Park along with 500 of New York's barefoot running enthusiasts for the first annual New York City Barefoot Run.

Chris was one of the guest speakers along with...

  • Dr. Daniel Lieberman... Harvard’s “Barefoot Professor” and co-creator of the “Running Man” theory of human evolution.

  • Coach Eric Orton... the "wizard" from Born to Run who reshaped McDougall in time for the epic race with the Tarahumara.

  • Barefoot Ted McDonald... one of the characters from the book and owner of the Luna Sandal Company

  • John Durant... Lead organizer and recent guest of The Colbert Report

These experts are central characters in a convincing theory that argues, that humans have been running for more than 2 million years. Proponents reason that running was part of a core evolutionary advantage allowing us to eat protein and develop large brains millions of years before the invention of weapons...

October 18th

Day 162

Herondale Farms NY

I have to say, by far my favorite part of this opportunity has been visiting the various farmers that Chipotle uses.

I freaking love farming!

Ever since I spent time traveling through Central and South America I've had a desire to have my own Finca (farm). To get back in touch with the source of my food and the hard work that goes into raising and growing sustainable sources of nutrition. I know this lifestyle isn't for everyone and I think that's one of the reasons Chipotle has become so popular. In our modern "wanting your cake and eating it too" society people want to eat healthy food but not sacrifice the speed and low costs modern methods have produced.

Sustainable Farming: More Expensive, But Better Results

Chipotle's network of expert farmers is able to produce natural food for the masses without resorting to "factory farming" methods. But Chipotle can only make a small dent in the business of farming. I'm nearly half way done with my yearlong journey and I've realized that the impact I want to make is in the area of awareness and helping to increase demand for this sustainable style of farming...

Why is Sustainable Farming more Expensive?

  • More labor per unit
  • More land per animal
  • Less yield per acre
  • Smaller size unit

My day on the farm

I spent the day at Herondale Farms in New York. It was an amazing time and I learned a lot about why sustainable farming is so important, why it's more challenging and how we as consumers can change the course of farming in the United States...

October 17th

Day 161

Grand Opening Chipotle Paris

Pictures of crepes filled with black beans and caviar danced in my head

The grand opening of Chipotle Paris was much different than I expected. I was pleasantly surprised to see a line down the street full of tourists and locals looking to get a taste of the Chipotle experience that we've come to expect in the States. People I talked to in line were excited to see what all the "hype" was about.

The People Were Fantastic

My time in Paris was amazing. People were so friendly and loved hearing about the blog and the wonderful experiences I've had the fortune of experiencing over the past few months. I had a few locals take me to visit the sights and sounds of the city. I was able to see everything from the Louver to Moulin Rouge and, of course, the Eiffel Tower. Despite a late night, I made it back in time to help serve all the hungry new Chipotle customers.

Read on to see me doing some actual work and photos from my night in Paris and the new location

My Last Meal Was At...